Improve your revision- Method of Loci

Like thousands of other 16 and 17 year olds across the country, for the past few months I have been drowning in revision for my AS exams. Thankfully I only have two more so the end is in sight! My psychology exams were by far the least traumatic of those i’ve finished, and I can confidently say I owe that entirely to the Method of Loci.

To say I was panicking about the vast number of studies that we needed to remember for the exams would be a complete understatement, but this method helped me to remember every single one I wanted to in about an hour. Unbelievable- I know.

When we were learning strategies of memory improvement as part of the PSY1 paper, we had a go at learning a list of study names using the Method of Loci. I had heard about strategies like this before and didn’t believe they’d really work, but I was shocked when I could recall a list of 20 bizarre names.

The process involves visualization to organize and recall information. You basically go on a walk that you know really well (I did most of mine around rooms in my house) and allocate items to be remembered to locations on your walk. You then visualize the walk and the things you see should allow you to retrieve the items you associated to them. The items to be remembered are mentally associated to specific locations.

Thanks to this method I can still remember all the studies and my little sister’s bedroom will forever be Bowlby’s PDD model (the mess inside sends my mum through protest, despair and eventually detachment). Just shows the strategies you learn really do work, and it’d be mad not to make use of them!

For more ways to improve your revision:


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