I haven’t posted in a while now, but I can explain!

In the past week or so I have; finished my exams, organised refreshments for sports day, visited four universities each at different ends of the country plus attended a university superfair, been on two courses, had three interviews, been to what seems like a million meetings, covered extra hours at work and organised prefects for an endless list of events with military precision- all whilst starting my A2 courses and trying to keep on top of the work I miss as a result of the aforementioned activities.

And breathe.

Hectic doesn’t really begin to cover it, and i’d be lying if I pretended I hadn’t wanted to just curl up and cry/nap at least once a day.

I thought in my break between essays I could write a little something about a stress and anxiety management technique that is growing in popularity at the moment called Mindfulness.

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OCD- “That’s the one with the cleaning, right?”

I recently changed the title of my Extended Project essay so that I was able to study Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). I find this condition fascinating and I know i’ll have loads of research to look into, but some people seem so unaware of what OCD actually is.

“That’s the one with the cleaning, right?”

When I mentioned my change of study to a friend of mine, her first response was; “that’s the one with the cleaning, right?” Urm, not really… Continue reading

Confessions of a Shopaholic- Studying addiction


So exams are finally over, and that’s great, but i’m now left with a gaping hole in my life i’m trying desperately to fill.

Recently I made almost 100 origami dragons and elephants and started baking and cycling a lot, all to no success. Then I remembered online shopping. Topshop, eBay, ASOS, Amazon, where all the things I could ever want to buy are just a click away.


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