Day 50: The Illusion of Normal

Watch this space for my post inspired by this article. She lays out the issues with the theory of normalcy from a personal and inspiring perspective.

Everyday Asperger's

The idea of this concept called Normal is one of the grandest illusions of our time.

There is no normal.

Normal doesn’t exist.

All definitions of normal are debatable—as are the definitions of typical, average, and ordinary.

And what’s wrong with atypical, above average, and extraordinary, anyhow?

Normal, apparently, means behaving like most behave. But who are these most? And how do they behave? Show me the model. And PLEASE don’t point to a television program.

The definition of normal is particularly alarming, and highly debatable, when considering the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), a guidebook for mental-health professionals. (Often referred to the mental-health clinician’s Bible.)

All mental-health practitioners in America categorize and diagnose millions of people by referring to the Bible of Abnormal—my word for the DSM.

No surprise that the definitions of normal changes with each publication of the…

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“The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well.”
Alfred Adler

What even is normal?

Please, I’d love to know, because I can almost guarantee your idea is slightly different for that of every other person on earth.

So surely that means normal doesn’t exist?


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