Accepting help from other people can be hard. Like, really hard. It often involves sacrificing some pride and independence and often makes you feel incompetent and indebted to the person who helped you. For people like me, who like to be self sufficient, this can be extremely difficult. But never fear! Recent research published in the Journal of Social Psychology has found something that makes it easier to accept help.
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OCD- “That’s the one with the cleaning, right?”

I recently changed the title of my Extended Project essay so that I was able to study Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). I find this condition fascinating and I know i’ll have loads of research to look into, but some people seem so unaware of what OCD actually is.

“That’s the one with the cleaning, right?”

When I mentioned my change of study to a friend of mine, her first response was; “that’s the one with the cleaning, right?” Urm, not really… Continue reading